Pebbles was born on 28th October 2014.

She was in a litter of 4 - (Pebbles and 3 Tricolour bitches)


out of our own "Pepperhill Miss Peggotty" (3xRes CC's)


(Sire) Ch. Mistmere Blackthorn at Shelridge



(Dam) Pepperhill Miss Peggotty



Litter 4 days old
Litter 18 days old
3.5 months old
8 months old
(photo thanks to Jayne Clegram)

18 months of age, when winning her 5th RCC at Northern Counties Champ Show

(photo thanks to Lana)
Bitch line up at the ESSC Open Show on June 27th 2015
BB & BIS Ch. Mohnesee Tangerine Dream at WillowgarthJW(Centre) - RBB & BPIS pepperhill Kicks 'n Flicks (Right) BVB Rainelor Ramani (Left)
(photo thanks to Lana)
Bitch Line up at MWSSC 50th anniversary open show 18th July 2015
BB Lavika Summer Time JW (2nd left) RBB Samphrey Shades of blue (Right) BVB Ch. Milesend goodtimes at Lavika (Left)
BPB & BPIS Pepperhill Kicks 'n Flicks (2nd Right)
(photo thanks to Lana)
Best in Show line up at English Shetland Sheepdog Club Championship Show 10th October 2015
Left - Right ---- BV - Caurniehill Cannaletto at Shelridge - BP & BIS - Pepperhill Kicks 'n Flicks - RBIS & BOS - Blenmerrow Music Maker
Judges Sally Atkins & Brian Hull
(photo thanks to Hilary Gamble)
Bitch Line up at SSCNW champ show Nov 14th 2015
L-R BPB - Lavika Good Luck - BCC - Sanscott Sweet City Woman JW - RBCC - Pepperhill Kicks 'n FlicksJW
BVB- Ch Herds Homeweave at Highbrook (right)
Judge for Bitches - Mr Derek Rigby
(photo thanks to dave Russell)
Best in Show line up at Northern Counties Sheepdog Club Open Show 24th January 2016
L-R BIS Pepperhill Kicks 'n Flicks JW - RBIS Herds HallucinationJW - BOS Herds HumphreyJW
BPIS Watchwood Sweetheart - BPD Marsula Shogun JW
Judge Leanda Loosemore
(photo thanks to Maureen Arnould & Lindsay French)
Best in Show line-up at ECSSC Open show 27th March 2016
L-R - BIS Pepperhill Kicks 'n FlicksJW - RBIS Oakcroft Star Force JW - BPIS Lirren Love Match
BVIS Peerieglen Pearl Drop of Sendora
Judge - Maureen Arnould
(photo thanks to Jayne Clegram)
Line up for Best bitch at Northern Counties Shetland Sheepdog Club Championship Show 3rd April 2016
Left - Right ---- BVB - Ch Rannerdale Star o' the NorthJW - BCC - Molson Miquila Sunrise
RCC - Pepperhill kicks 'n FlicksJW - BPB Milesend Sweet Melody at Keycharm
Judge Denise Rowan
LKA December 10th 2016 Pebbles 2nd Challenge Certificate. Thank you to judge Margaret Botham
Line up for B.I.S at Scottish Shetland Sheepdog Club Championship Show 19th Feb 2017
L-R -BV & RCC Ch. Molson Moet Chandon; BCC & BIS Pepperhill Kicks 'n Flicks;
DCC RBIS &BOS Ch. Kelgrove JustBlue at Stormhead; BPIS Lavika Luminary